Mobile App Development

You have “the next mobile app idea” we have a great team to develop it

We build robust, high-quality, scalable, and interactive Mobile Apps which offer a “one-code-fits-all” facility and run seamlessly over various platforms. As an off-shore hybrid application development company in Southern Africa, we provide affordable Android App Development services which save our clients of their both Android App Development and iOS cost.

Software Development

In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different 

Highly talented front-end developers can be hard to find.
KTO Digital has a pool best developers gather together on the higher-end freelance talent platforms, where they’re able to find the most interesting projects. As a Development Software company we build systems from the ground up but we can also customise inimitable technology solutions. Both custom software and web development requires a detailed plan which is the reason why we help you craft the plan.

With this in mind, we say come to us and enjoy the experience of our friendly team. Custom solutions are typically more expensive than out-of-the-box software options but we come in conveniently to help our clients get quality while working through our client’s budget.

Artificial Intelligence

By far, the greatest danger of Artificial Intelligence is that people conclude too early that they understand it.

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are other big telecom trends impacting the industry. Digital transformation requires the extraction of meaningful information from data, gathered by IoT sensors and devices. At the same time, the expansion and complication of the internet create the need for high speeds and low latencies, prompting new solutions for internet connection management. It is not time to get an expert from KTO Digital to tutor you how it can help your business thrive?

Reputation Management

Make yourself a reputation for being a creative genius and surround yourself with partners who understand your goals

Develop Reputation An underdeveloped online presence is just as bad as a negative profile. This is one of the three most common reasons companies fail, according to the Office for National Statistics. It’s obvious when businesses haven’t put a lot of effort into building an online reputation: a search for the company name brings up irrelevant results including advertisements for competitors, bad reviews, and general, non-specific pages about the industry.

Not having an online presence means that any negative comment posted about your company will rank immediately on a search for the brand. Reputation development services will address this issue by creating positive content to fill the void. Generating your own high-traffic results makes it a lot harder for unflattering and misinformed content to gain ground.

Solution Architecture

To keep the business from disintegrating. The concept of systems architecture is becoming less of an option and more of a necessity

Solution Architecture is a practice of designing, describing, and managing the solution engineering in relation to specific business problems. Here at Solution Architecture Department, we help organisations and their people to understand their business operations and improve the way in which they perform through the provision of consultancy solutions. By combining our comprehensive range of solutions and services, we have become synonymous within the domains of Business Process Analysis, Business Process Management, Information, Enterprise Architecture and governance, and Risk & Compliance.

What we offer...

We provide context for understanding the interrelationships of the business and technical components of a solution that is designed to support a company's business. We define the scope of Solution Architecture by identifying the essential components and ultimately develop an architecture overview of the solution that will serve as a basis for intelligent decision making.

KTO Digital services include

We provide context for understanding the interrelationships of the business and technical components of a solution that is designed to support a company's business. We define the scope of Solution Architecture by identifying the essential components and ultimately develop an architecture overview of the solution that will serve as a basis for intelligent decision making.

Business Process Analysis and Design

Business Process Management and Improvement

Business Process Simulation

Customer Centric Approach

Ensuring Progressive Operational Excellence through techniques such as Customer Journey Mapping provides Process Intelligence to aid the faster creation of baseline models from which to perform analysis and process improvement how we can help you...In our approach, we start with the problem at hand, with an indistinct picture of the end state in mind, and chaperon our clients along the journey. We believe that simplicity is perhaps in most cases the answer to multifaceted problems and we, therefore, strive to bring tangible business value through straightforward solutions.

A Solution Architecture we aim to enable our customers to manage their atmosphere more effectively and efficiently. Our solution will ensure that our clients can establish their capability within their organization and grow this capability over time.

Business Analysis

Choose analysis techniques that help you understand the requirements and help stakeholders ingest them

Business Analysis is important for any organisation, because it helps with identifying all vulnerabilities and issues and helps to implement proper solutions and continuously monitor the results, based on the data they collect.

Increase in ROI

To know where a business stands, it is essential to evaluate its ROI (Return on Investment); the ROI measures its business valuation and whether there is an increase or decrease in revenue brought in. Business analysis can tell you whether you need to make further adjustments to bring in more ROI if costs need to be reduced and benefits need to be increased, and vice-versa.

Decrease in cost

Using business analysis to create various strategies to reduce project costs, briefing the team how to work accordingly and what strategies can help reduce company costs is an important factor. It also opens up avenues with various ways to solve recurring problems with affordable methods.

Decision making

The most important aspect of business analysis is decision making on behalf of the company to the stakeholders or investors. Logical discussions about the company have been functioning, what the problem areas are or what factors are governing the increase of overall company expenditure and how to reach a higher margin of profit, are factors that influence decision making and offer clarity on the way ahead for business.

Business requirements

The whole idea of business analysis is to understand the business in detail, and what requirements are needed for its growth while also identifying the hindrances that may prevent the same. Business analysis helps make various decisions that influence the growth of the organization, including analysis of processes and data that will pave the way for a profitable situation.

Benefits everyone in the business

While business analysis helps owners and founders to change the management of the company's performances are not up to the mark, it also helps them identify spheres, where the workforce needs to be more concentrated. It also helps managers to explore alternatives while assigning teams to projects or understand what implemented methods would increase sales and productivity.

Assessment of change

Post every business review, problems are identified, suggested methods are implemented and outcomes are discussed. Teams are intimidated and asked to bring about certain changes in their work processes, However, to note if all of that has brought about a positive impact and removed or at least reduced the problem to an extent, is only possible through business analysis.

Crisis anticipation

Business analysis has you prepared for both good and bad times. Its predictability model often helps you understand and anticipate a crisis that might affect the entire market or just your organization, well in advance.

Identify market status of the business

It is very important to know where your business stands at par with the total market scenario, its value, and who are your closest competitors. This is exactly where business analysis fits in.

Cloud Services

What are Cloud Services?

Cloud services are platforms, software, or infrastructure that are online based, allowing for the storage of files and data in a centralized and secure web location, with access that can be monitored and restricted to your staff and collaborators. Also known as cloud computing as a service, it allows for the movement of documents from hardware such as phones, laptops, and servers, to an online server and back. This data then becomes accessible across multiple devices via apps or web browsers.

How Do Cloud Services Work?

We are the professionals when it comes to cloud. Rather than having your own servers and hard drives dedicated to the storage of vital documentation, service in cloud computing is provided by third-party providers. We know the best solution for you.

These providers maintain their own servers, and ensure the security of data, and you simply pay for the space that you require. This makes cloud as a service an affordable, secure and accessible solution for businesses.

There are a number of diverse approaches that businesses can take to cloud migration. The best approach for your business will depend on the extent of the migration, as well as the systems that need to be moved across. Often companies will even take a hybrid approach to cloud data migration, moving different systems across to the cloud in a variety of ways for a unique and comprehensive cloud migration strategy. Get the best advise now from the KTO Digital Advisory Department.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

CRM (Customer Relationship Management)system helps you offer your clients what they want not what you think they want

CRM helps businesses build a relationship with their customers that, in turn, creates loyalty and customer retention. Since customer loyalty and revenue are both qualities that affect a company's revenue, CRM is a management strategy that results in increased profits for a business.

At its core, customer relationship management (CRM) is all of the happenings, tactics, and types of machinery that corporations use to manage their interactions with their existing and possible customers. A saying commonly heard and said in many businesses is "customer is sovereign." KTO Digital offers the best CRM solution in the market today which can be customized to fit your business processes. With KTO Digital, you will at all times win.

Customer Experience

Focusing on the client makes our company more resilient.

We are premeditated to empower organizations to own exceptional experiences that gratify unmet human needs. We help our clients reimagine the front office to better assist customers and employees, and to deliver sustainable advancement through new experiences.
We help businesses reinvent and scale digital sales commerce strategies across owned and indirect channels to drive optimal sales performance and profitability, strengthen brand loyalty and generate new market growth.

Infrastructure Service

Service components that support the delivery of business systems and IT-enabled processes

To build a professional and dynamic team that produces high-quality products whilst continuously increasing individual skills and ability to satisfy our clients' IT requirements.

We offer world-class solutions and hardware that enhance client competitiveness and develop long-term client relationships. Technology powers nearly all aspects of today’s businesses, from an individual employee’s work to operations to goods and services.

When properly networked, technology can be optimized to progress communication, produce efficiencies and surge productivity. If an IT infrastructure is flexible, dependable, and safe, it can benefit an enterprise to meet its goals and provide a competitive edge in the market.

Alternatively, if an IT infrastructure isn’t properly implemented, businesses can face connectivity, output, and security issues, like system disruptions and breaches. Overall, having a properly implemented infrastructure can be a factor in whether a business is profitable or not.

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)

Maximise Business Efficiency

An ERP system can streamline your entire organization and put your data all in one place, enabling more accurate reporting and a more efficient, collaboration-based, and data-driven work environment.

Enterprise software helps you improve the financial health of your business by streamlining processes and helping you become more efficient and cut costs. It’s built for growth and will support your business as your needs grow. It simplifies how your company is managed and helps you measure productivity and profitability more accurately.

Digital Transformation

Leading Digital Transformation and Innovation

Digital transformation is the integration of digital technology into all areas of a business, fundamentally shifting how you operate and deliver value to clients. It's also an artistic modification that requires organizations to incessantly challenge the status quo, experiment, and get comfortable with failure. Digital transformation is imperative for all businesses, from the small to the enterprise.

This is KTO Digital’s message which we want to make loud and clear from seemingly every keynote, panel discussion, article, or study related to how businesses. The reason is to remain competitive and relevant as the world becomes progressively digital. What's not clear to many business executives is what digital transformation means. Is it just a catchy way to say moving to the cloud?

Automate your processes!! Integrate your systems so that they speak to each other!! The big question is what are the specific steps we need to take? Do we need to design new jobs to help us create a framework for digital transformation, the answer is NO!! What you need is a digital advisory from KTO experts first as part of your business strategy.

Inspire Brands

Your brand is what people say about you when you are not in the room

Brand Identity is the special technique that you convey to the public with visuals, infographics, and experience. Your brand strategy with stimulus will present your identity and align it with your purpose for the most impact. KTO Digital have a toolbox of skills to inspire brands with their many years of experience. 

This includes your:


Colors and fonts

Patterns and icons


Website design

Content and messaging


Printer packaging